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Anunciante: ES OCU - New Gift 2020

Please contact Account Manager in advance to validate your actions. KEYWORD Buying Policy: The Affiliate will respect the restrictions of the Keyword Buying Policy as described in this provision. - The Affiliate will not buy the client brand(s) on Google, Bing or other networks, which is strictly prohibited. Non-respect of the present provision will cause cancellation of all affiliates results. - Working on generical keywords is allowed, but with prior explicit consent of the client ?OCU? and ads must be approved prior to launch. - Regarding all competitive consumer associations, brands and names, the Affiliate agrees to put these in negative words. This includes: Adicae, Asgeco, Auc, Ceaccu, Cecu, Facua, Fuci, Hispacoop, Uce, Unae, Ausbanc, Consumer, Irache, Avacu, Euroconsumo etc. Rules for the email marketing send outs: E-mailers may not shoot the same DB with the same message in a time frame shorter than 3 weeks.
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