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Hypnia Affiliate Programme At Hypnia, we believe that sleeping well is a right. For this, we have completely redesigned each step, from the production to the delivery to enable everyone to find their ideal mattress at an affordable price. The story of Hypnia started in 2013, when the founder, Jérémy Dols, saw how easy it is to get lost among all the existing mattress products on the market. Then, he chose to create the start-up: Hypnia, with an innovative concept: offer a small range of 9 high quality memory foam mattresses, with a free delivery and a 120 nights trial. In just five years, Hypnia has become the leader in online mattress sales in France and start growing in other european countries. With a high quality offer and service, Hypnia quickly won the trust and loyalty of thousands of customers. Program Details 30 day cookie period Exclusive content available on request Offers/Competitions/Promotions Available High AOV of 350? Low returns rate - less thans 3% 0% Finance available Payouts: CPA (standard, 1 - 15 sales per month) : 6% CPA CPA (premium, 16+ sales per month): 8% CPA Voucher & Discount Codes All affiliates must only promote discount codes given to them directly via Kwanko. Any affiliates promoting codes which have not been supplied to them directly, will have the sales made using these vouchers declined and risk removal from the program. PPC No bidding on brand terms, or on misspellings. This includes both the brand term and URLs containing the brand term. You are not permitted to link directly to the Hypnia site, or to use a redirect to send the customer directly to the Hypnia site from a PPC ad. We ask you to include the term ?Hypnia? as a negative keyword on all campaigns in order to negate the risk of appearing on ?Hypnia? brand terms. No typosquatting allowed. Please be aware that we carefully monitor paid for search on all competitive keywords and ask for your assistance in this process. Any affiliates found to be bidding on brand terms will be removed from the program. Any commission made on these sales will not be paid. The affiliate/partner is not eligible to receive commission for the same transaction generated on both Hypnia referral and affiliate program. We provide you with regularly updated product catalog, banner formats, text links, promotional codes ... Dont hesitate, our program is open to everyone! Registration is free, simple and without obligation.
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