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Formulario3.52 €
Anunciante: Trivicell Portugal

Welcome to Trivicell’s New campaign for Portugal! This program allows you the best Payout for Portugal, with new and exciting products! MT Flow. After the user enters his phone number, he receives a SMS massage with a Pincode that he needs to put in the LP. conversion is made By Server to Server Live Reporting! TriviCell, is a leading Mobile entertainment brand focused on competition based services with high pay outs for affiliates. Our competition services create great opportunities for the end users and therefore have a very high conversion rates from clicks to sales. TriviCell believes that in order to bring the best traffic to its landing pages, we should highly incentivize our affiliates; and therefore offers the best pay outs for any sales, with the most advanced tracking system that enable the affiliate to monitor the exact conversions from clicks to leads to sales.

PT Traffic Only Incentivized or VC traffic is NOT allowed.The affiliate shall not generate traffic through the following distribution methods: phishing, spamming or the use of spiders or robots. Usage of the word FREE or words with the same or similar meaning are not allowed in conjunction with any of the Trivicell campaigns. Additionally, creative’s used in conjunction with any Trivicell offers may not be misleading or deceptive. The following words and words with the same or similar meaning shall NOT be used: - Click here to claim your prize - Only X prizes left! - Only X minutes left!! - FREE/ free - Congratulations! You have won an XXX! - You are the winner of an XXX! - Daily winner! - Collect your XXX! - You are selected to receive a free XXXX - Guaranteed prize Note: The usage of Creatives/texts (banners, e-mail, text ads etc) that include brands/logos/trademarks and were not provided by the advertiser, will only be allowed upon the advertisers approval. Please contact the relevant Adsmarket representative/account manager if you wish to approve the usage of such creatives. For campaign # 319651 Scratch and Win - New - PT - Non incentivized - The usage of the word Worten or imply to this brand in any way (including in Email creatives) is NOT allowed (not even in the subject or the from line).
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