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Anunciante: Quizir Francia

Flow: MO Quizir Win fabulous prizes with Quizir! By playing Quizir’s fantastic games and solving puzzles on your mobile phone you can win cool gadgets, cash, cars, holidays! The Quizir service is a unique service, as it is not a mobile subscription service. There are no strings attached with Quizir. Customers pay only when they play, and have no further obligations. This improves the customer’s perception and the campaign life span considerably. Quizir is designed to be extremely accessible, making the conversion higher in comparison with traditional mobile subscription services. In short, there are no hidden charges and no nasty surprises later on, just enjoyable games. Quizir currently operates in Belgium only.

FR traffic only VC / incentivized traffic is not allowed The usage of Creatives/texts (banners, e-mail, text ads etc) that include brands/logos/trademarks and were not provided by the advertiser, will only be allowed upon the advertisers approval. Please contact the relevant Adsmarket representative/account manager if you wish to approve the usage of such creatives.
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