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Anunciante: PatPat ES is a shopping deal site for moms and families. We connect end-manufacturers to end-consumers directly. Our Categories are for Men, Women, Teens, Babies, Toddlers and Children. We also offer Homewear, and Beauty products. All at the lowest prices and all our products are quality assured.

1. Trademark Name Protection A. YOU MAY NOT use the Trademarked Names, PatPat, PatPat.COM, or any variations or misspelling of said names, in any manner including but not limited to Pay per Click on Search Engines, asserting them in meta tags, hidden text, source code, domain Name or Any Other Part of Your Universal Record Locator or to direct traffic to any website other than our website.

B. Negative keywords of PPC: pa pt com?pat com?pat m?pat pat com?pat pat store?pat pat stores?pat pat supercenter?pat pat?patp at?patpat co;patpat c? patpat c_om?patpat com?patpat online?patpat store?patpat stores?patpat supercenter?patpat?patpats?patt pat com?patt pat?site patpat?patpat site?site:patpat com?site:www patpat com?super pat pat?super patpat?www pat pat com?www pat pat?www patpat com?www patpat?www pattpat com?pat pat com?patpat cn?us patpat com?uk patpat com?de patpat com?es patpat com?au patpat com?hk patpat com?fr patpat com?br patpat com?mx patpat com?ar patpat com?asia patpat com?patpat canada?patpat ca?pat pat ca; patpat California?pat pat california; patapt us?pat pat us?patpat uk?pat pat uk?patpat australia?patpat au?pat pat au?patpat es?pat pat es?patpat de?pat pat de?patpat fr?patpat france?pat pat fr?patpat mx?pat pat mx?patpat Mexico?patpat br?pat pat br?patpat brazil?patpat hk?patpat hongkong?pat pat hk?patpat arab?pat pat Arab; patpat ar?pat pat ar?patat asia?pat pat asia?

2. Exact PPC rules notes

A. All types of websites can do PPC promotion.

B. Affiliates could do PPC straight to PatPats website, not need for mid-site.

C. Except for the patpat+keywords mentioned above, other patpat+ keywords can be allowed to bid. such as patpat clothes, patpat baby, patpat coupon code....

D. Google/Bing/Yahoo shopping, Google/Bing/Yahoo Display, Facebook ads are not allowed. Please make sure that you can not use TM and negative keywords we mentioned before for bidding.

For our valued affiliates, nowhere on any discounted shopping site affiliate program will you find higher commissions, few restrictions and more to the point a professional Affiliate Marketing Management Agency, The Noise Farm LLC Team.

Program Highlights:

Commission for coupon, cashback, Comparison Engine, deal site: 6% for the new customers, 5% for the existence

Commission for normal content affiliate?blog, forum, social media etc?: 13% for the new customers, 12% for the existence

Performance incentives up to 15% available

Coupon sites, you may not promote any coupon that has not been authorized, you must display the expiry date.
Incentive sites welcome Data feed available 45-day cookie Promotions available
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