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Anunciante: Oakley ES

Comission: 10 ? 15% on all products. However, selected affiliates will recieve 30% commission on custom products.

Cookie Period: 30 days

Recall Perdiod: 30 days

Affiliate Approval: Manual

Oakley blends art and science to redefine product categories, rejecting the constraints of conventional ideas. This unique design philosophy makes Oakley one of the most coveted brands in the world today. World-class athletes and amateurs alike embrace the ?O? icon to define their own style and exceed the limits of possibility.
In addition to world-renowned sunglasses, you?ll profit from Oakley?s expanding line of premium performance footwear, apparel and accessories. We offer a competitive commission of 10 ? 15% on a 30 day cookie.
Our promise: We pride ourselves on quality, service, and convenience for customers and affiliates alike by offering free shipping on orders and a massive product catalogue among other things. It all adds up to to more traffic and more sales.
Facts: Oakley continues to build on its heritage of authenticity by inventing products from scratch to achieve superior quality and genuine innovation that delivers the unexpected. Since being founded, Oakley has been awarded over 600 patents worldwide.
Restrictions: We kindly ask all affiliates whom has not been recruited specifically to promote the Oakley Custom Eyewear not to promote custom products as no commission will be paid out on these products unless an promotion of custom products has been agreed upon between the client and affiliate. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please get in contact for more information.
Important notification: The program will only track transactions from Spain. Affiliates from Portugal will be not accepted, as purchases made through Portuguese IPs wont be tracked.
PPC Policy: We don?t allow direct linking from search engines to the Oakley website. In addition, affiliates are not allowed to use any Oakley URLs in display URLs for paid search. We also reserve the right to contact and, if necessary, expire any affiliate who is found using any Oakley links without our analytics tags attached. Oakley does not pay commissions on gift cards. Finally, affiliates are not authorized to purchase and/or operate domain names containing the word "Oakley" or other common misspellings. For our full policies please see our TOS.
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