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Anunciante: MundoMe Ecuador

MundoMe is operated by a team of highly skilled professionals who know how to convert users and maximize your profits. All our campaigns are intensively tested, analyzed and fine-tuned in order to get the best converting programs for you. MundoMe is the trendsetter in the field of mobile media & entertainment. You will find here the best converting formats, the highest pay-out rates and offers in more than 20 countries worldwide. Our subscription model allows us to offer the one of the highest payouts in the industry to our affiliate partners. Affiliate Benefits: You will find here the best converting offers and the highest pay-out rates from Win offers to IQ-tests and the best mobile content. Strong creatives and a killing landingpage. Click the testlink and agree! User Flow: Affiliates benefit from our simple order process. User needs to enter their mobile phone number and confirm the sales by Pincode. Ordering online has never been easier and thus conversion rates are very high. Typical Demographics: Users between 13 and 55 years old, interested in gadgets, winning products, gaming, music, applications, ringtones, IQ tests and Love tests.

Incentivized/VC traffic is NOT allowed • Use of the word FREE or GRATIS in the ads or website (The affiliates in no way should communicate or in a way imply through their promotions to the end customer that the services/products are FREE.) Implying by use of similar words that the advertised products are free or at no cost to the customer. • Use of brand names in the ads: The usage of Creatives/texts (banners, e-mail, text ads etc) that include brands/logos/trademarks and were not provided by the advertiser, will only be allowed upon the advertisers approval. Please contact the relevant Matomy representative/account manager if you wish to approve the usage of such creatives. • Include our landing pages on pages that actually refer to a different campaign. For example its strictly prohibited to include a landing page for an iPhone on a page that actually advertises a gift fashion voucher and vice versa. • Alternating our landing pages in any form, such as shorten them in a way that the footer text isnt shown in full. • Changing the users browser settings in order to load one of our landing pages by default.
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