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Formulario0.5 €
Anunciante: MundoMe Bolivia

Program Title: MundoMe Bolivia Offer Review: High converting IQtests and Lovetests and new for the market Win offers with win iPhone or iPod touch. Affiliate Benefits: It is the best converting offer in this market. We provide a highly converting IQtest and unique win offers with iPhone and iPod that no one else offers.Simple and easy LPs that load very quickly on slower internet connections. User Flow: Enter mobile number, submit pincode on landing page, user is subscribed Typical Demographics:16+

Bolivia Traffic only No Incentivized traffic No Virtual currency Advertising in P2P sites is allowed Note: The usage of Creatives/texts (banners, e-mail, text ads etc) that include brands/logos/trademarks and were not provided by the advertiser, will only be allowed upon the advertisers approval. Please contact the relevant Adsmarket representative/account manager if you wish to approve the usage of such creatives
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