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Anunciante: Alibaba Latam is an ideal marketplace for publishers to monetize websites across some most popular verticals, such as Automobiles & Motorcycles, Machinery, Apparel, Home & Gardens, Computer and Electronics, etc. Affiliates can easily earn CPL commissions per new form filed. Alibabas guidelines for Display and Keywords: (Please follow it strictly to avoid cancellations) 1 Display URL 1.1 You CANNOT include the brand?s name into the Display URL?s subfolder. 1.2 You CANNOT include the brand?s name into the Display URL?s sub domain. 1.3 You CANNOT use the client?s domain name. 2 Ad Title 2.1 You?re authorized to use the brand?s name in your titles. ? 3 Ad Text 3.1 You?re authorized to use the brand?s name in your descriptive. ? 4 Keywords Use paid search with advertisers brand name included word as a keyword? Example: alibaba ---> Not Allowed Use paid search with misspelling brand name included word as a keyword. Example: allibaba ---> Not Allowed Use paid search with the advertiser?s competitor?s brand name as a keyword. Example: globalsources ---> Not Allowed Use the advertiser?s brand name or brand name misspelling in the header or ad text ---> Not Allowed Use the brand name in the domain name of the website where the traffic is redirected ---> Not Allowed 5. Video in Portuguese with a clear explanation of how it works: Special Monthly Bonus : The average daily volume of Successful Inquiries of the applicable calendar month during the Program Period per PID needs to be : - more than 5 but less than or equal to 100 : increase of commission of + 15% - more than 100 but less than or equal to 250 : increase of commission of + 28% - more than 250 : increase of commission of + 43% How to earn more in the promotion? 1. Keep the conversion rate greater than 0.1% 2. Increase traffic while keeping the conversion rate We do not allow traffic originating from the following sites, promotional activities or behavior: 1. Incentive sites 2. Cookie hijacking 3. Bidding on branded keywords and any variations of this 4. Malicious clicks are banned: (i) generated by means of any device, program, or robot; (ii) generated by malicious act 5. Frequency of pop-ups/unders and/or click-unders: 24hr/cookies. All pop traffic has to use the intermediary landing page 6. Traffic from adult websites is not allowed 7. We do not have coupon code, thus for all coupon sites the only allowed format is banner display on sites advert placements. 8. Copy, reproduce, exploit or expropriate Advertiser?s various proprietary directories, databases and listings; 9. Use or distribution of any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that may harm, interfere with, intercept or expropriate any software or hardware system, data or personal information; 10. Any gaining of, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the computer systems or networks used by Advertiser and/or any user of the International Website or engage in any other activities that may harm the integrity of such computer systems or networks ;Any activities on International Website or Affiliate Network Platform that are bad-faith or not in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, installing bad-faith plug-ins, using key words of the International Website without Advertiser?s authorization, using bad-faith or illegal incentives to drive successful inquiries etc.
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